William Harmon with Raina Bledsoe, physical therapist assistant

William Harmon had been suffering from severe spinal stenosis when he had spinal fusion surgery, but he needed help getting back his strength and mobility.


Harmon needed maximum assistance with his mobility and self-care when he came to Life Care Center of La Center, Kentucky, for rehabilitation on Oct. 17, 2019.


Five days a week, Harmon participated in occupational, physical and speech therapies. OT helped him relearn his activities of daily living, like getting dressed, bathing and managing daily hygiene tasks. ST did cognitive exercises with him, and PT worked with him on strength and range of motion, as well as gait training for walking.


“The therapy was excellent,” said Harmon. “The staff at the facility made sure I had everything I needed.”


Raina Bledsoe, physical therapist assistant, shared, “Mr. Harmon never said no. He worked hard every day to get back home.”


Harmon reached his goals and returned home on Nov. 8, able to take care of himself with standby assistance and walk with a cane.