Connie Winnans, left, with Elizabeth Dowdy, physical therapist assistant

Connie Winnans needed maximum assistance for bathing and getting dressed after having her left knee replaced, and now she is taking care of herself again.


Rehabilitation got her from point A to point B.


Following her knee replacement surgery, Winnans came to Life Care Center of La Center, Kentucky, on Nov. 15, 2019, for physical and occupational therapies.


At first, Winnans needed a moderate amount of help with things like getting in and out of bed or walking. Therapists worked with her on strengthening exercises, gait training, neuromuscular reeducation and retraining in her activities of daily living, including bathing and grooming.


“Therapy helped me get back home for the holidays,” Winnans said. “The staff took great care of me.”


“Connie worked hard to get back home,” shared Elizabeth Dowdy, physical therapist assistant.


Winnans did go home on Dec. 12, able to walk with a rolling walker, transfer from one surface to another on her own and take care of her daily self-care.