Left to right: Karrie Swann, occupational therapist; Mark Vance, physical therapist; Elvis Magee and his wife, Debra; and Aaron Mick, occupational therapist assistant

A car accident in October 2018 fractured Elvis Magee’s right hip and led to complications.


Magee was dependent on others for all of his activities of daily living, such as getting dressed and grooming himself, as well as his mobility, when he came to Life Care Center of La Center, Kentucky, on April 18, 2019. He was wheelchair bound.


Physical and occupational therapists set out to change that for Magee. Five days a week, OTs retrained him in his ADLs, while the PT team worked with him on balance training and gait training.


“My stay at the facility was great,” Magee said. “The staff treats me like I’m part of the family. These therapists truly gave me my life back. I came to the facility unable to care for myself and had to rely on my wife for everything. I left the facility independent and able to walk again!”


Magee returned home and continued physical therapy as an outpatient until July 16.


“Mr. Magee worked hard every day during therapy treatments to improve his abilities,” said Emily Spencer, director of rehab. “He demonstrated a positive attitude and a will to get better.”