Doris Cooper with Raina Bledsoe, physical therapist assistant

After being hospitalized for diverticulosis, the development of pockets in the digestive tract, Doris Cooper was weak and in need of rehabilitation.


When Cooper arrived at Life Care Center of La Center, Kentucky, on July 31, 2019, she needed maximum assistance for self-feeding and grooming, as well as bathing and getting dressed. She also needed a moderate amount of help to get in and out of bed and walk, and her difficulty swallowing necessitated an altered diet.


Cooper took part in physical, occupational and speech therapies. Therapists used neurological reeducation, gait training, activities of daily living retraining and cognitive/swallowing training.


“Ms. Cooper worked hard during her treatments and never said no,” said Raina Bledsoe, physical therapist assistant. “She was always willing to try new interventions to regain her independence.”


When she returned home on Aug. 17, Cooper was able to eat a normal diet again and could walk, bathe, get dressed, prepare meals and do other home tasks independently.


“Therapy was wonderful,” said Cooper. “They helped me regain my independence to get back home. The facility staff was attentive to my needs.”