Helen Steinbeck with Raina Bledsoe, physical therapist assistant

Helen Steinbeck is back home and independent, thanks to rehabilitation at Life Care Center of La Center, Kentucky.


Steinbeck came to the skilled nursing and rehab facility on July 8, 2019, after a hospital stay for a gastrointestinal bleed. She was also experiencing weakness, atrial fibrillation, dizziness and high blood pressure.


At first, Steinbeck needed maximum assistance with dressing, bathing and transfers (such as getting from her bed to a chair), and moderate assistance with walking, strength, safety awareness and problem solving. She took part in therapy sessions five days a week for 30 days before returning home.


Physical therapists addressed her mobility and strength needs, using neuro re-education as well as gait training to help her get stronger on her feet. Occupational therapists retrained her in her daily self-care activities, and speech therapists increased her safety awareness and problem solving skills.


“Therapy helped me increase my strength, endurance and balance to be able to dress and bathe myself,” said Steinbeck. “The staff was very attentive to my needs and ensured my days at the facility were positive and fun-filled. I can now go back home completing the activities I enjoy doing.”


Raina Bledsoe, physical therapist assistant, shared, “Ms. Steinbeck worked hard during her treatments daily in order to get back home as soon as possible.”