Left to right: Hannah Crittendon, occupational therapist assistant; Delene Mills; and Elizabeth Dowdy, physical therapist assistant

When Delene Mills was involved in a car accident, she suffered multiple fractures, including her ribs, spine, sternum and wrist, and had to undergo surgery.


After her hospital stay, however, Mills was not ready to return home just yet. She needed help to regain independence. She came to Life Care Center of La Center, Kentucky, for rehabilitation on Oct. 14, 2019.


When Mills arrived, she was wearing a back brace and unable to manage lower-body dressing, such as pants, shoes and socks. She needed maximum assistance for upper-body dressing, as well as for transfers (like from a bed to a chair) and mobility.


Occupational and physical therapists worked with mills five days a week, helping her relearn how to walk and how to do her everyday self-care tasks. They also helped her learn how to put on and take off her brace on her own.


“Ms. Mills worked hard every day to achieve her goals,” said Hannah Crittendon, occupational therapist assistant.


Now, Mills can get dressed with setup assistance and only needs standby assistance for transfers and mobility using a cane.


“The therapy team worked me very hard, but it was worth it,” said Mills. “Now, I’m able to be back at home with my husband.”


Mills returned home on Nov. 1.