Left to right: Raina Bledsoe, physical therapist assistant; Peggy Peterson; and Hanna Crittendon, occupational therapist assistant

Peggy Peterson has chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, a condition characterized by constriction of the airways and difficulty breathing.


Peterson also has an irregular heartbeat due to atrial fibrillation, and, after a COPD exacerbation caused her symptoms to worsen, she went to the hospital for treatment.


Unfortunately, the time Peterson spent in recovery caused her to lose certain functions. Specifically, she could not walk or transfer, such as moving from her bed to a chair, without assistance, and she could not complete activities of daily living without help.


On Aug. 14, 2019, Peterson came to Life Care Center of La Center for rehabilitation.


Physical and occupational therapists worked with Peterson to help her regain independence. Physical therapists used gait training exercises and equipment to increase her mobility, while occupational therapists focused on retraining her to perform everyday tasks like home management and cooking.


“Therapy was great,” said Peterson. “The therapists taught me how to pace myself during activities and be as independent as possible.”


Peterson completed therapy on Aug. 28 and returned home. She can now transfer and walk with total independence, and she can perform all the necessary activities of daily living without assistance.


“The staff was excellent, and my room was clean,” said Peterson. “My stay was very positive.”