Left to right: Mark Vance, physical therapist; Aaron Mick, occupational therapist assistant; Danny Davidson and his wife, Mary; Susan Pickett, speech therapist, in front; and Karrie Swann, occupational therapist

Danny Davidson has gone from needing total assistance with his self-care to being mostly independent again after a stroke.


The therapists at Life Care Center of La Center, Kentucky, made life at home possible again for Davidson.


Davidson came to the skilled nursing and rehab center on April 15, and in addition to his self-care challenges, he also couldn’t walk and had difficulties with memory and swallowing. As a result, he worked with all three therapy disciplines – physical, occupational and speech.


Physical and occupational therapists used neuromuscular re-education to help restore function to his affected side, and he also used the Omnicycle® exercise machine to work out his arms and legs and build strength. Occupational therapists retrained him in his daily routine activities like grooming, bathing and dressing, and speech therapists helped him restore his swallowing ability and cognitive function.


“Mr. Davidson regained his independence through hard work,” said Emily Spencer, director of rehabilitation. “He welcomed therapy daily and always participated in treatment sessions with 100-percent effort.”


Davidson returned home to his wife on May 20, on a regular diet, thinking more clearly and taking care of himself.


“When I was first admitted, I was unable to walk, get out of bed, get dressed and was on a modified diet,” Davidson shared. “I’m now able to do everything I want to do independently. My stay at the facility was excellent! The staff was kind, and the therapists were great. I wouldn’t be returning home without their help.”

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